This thread outlines my scare house entry for Rob Yeo‘s #armchairImagineering contest #4.  Given that Kronos is Poseidon’s father, I designed my scare house as a prequel of sorts which fully replaces and enhances the existing Poseidon’s Fury attraction in @UniversalORL  Islands of Adventure and reinvigorates The Lost Continent area.


The exterior Greek ruins are much as they appear from Poseidon’s Fury, but the waterfall pouring from the mouth is dyed & lit red for a bloody effect. As guests flow through queue, they encounter projected cavern “windows” through which they can occasionaly see a CG one-eyed Cyclops or many-armed and many-headed Hekatonkleires (Hundred Handed One), fighting bloodily and tearing humans limb from limb.

They arrive in a pre-show area in which an archeologist character explains the myths of Poseidon‘s grandparents, Gaia and Ouranos and their Titan children. Ouranos’ imprisonment of their other monstrous children – the Cyclopes and Hekatonkleires – deep in the Earth is retold.

At mention of this, Kronos’ ominous voice interjects that this has hurt Gaia and that Ouranos will pay. The door to the next room mysteriously opens.

Act 1: The Ascension

The next room is filled with artifacts. the archaeologist leads us inside and points out a circular mural of the sky representing Ouranos, and how it didn’t seem such a big deal to him for Ouranos to imprison monsters. A scareactor of Kronos takes the stage amongst fog and bloodily kills the archaelogist with a scythe. Kronos proceeds to have a confrontation with the disembodied voice of Ouranos which emanates from the sky mural.

Kronos declares that Ouranos will never sire another offspring and uses his scythe to cut through the sky mural, figuratively castrating him amidst Ouranos’ screams, revealing seeping blood projections on all sides as the entire room takes on a sanguine look.

The door splits to reveal a swirling water vortex tunnel lit all in deep red as though roiling with Ouranos’ blood. Guests pass through to continue…

Act 2: The Erinyes

3 hideous winged women entwined with snakes appear from the darkness, one harnessed to appear flying with flapping wings. These women appear behind the audience after everyone has exited from the blood tunnel. They screech their arrival, introducing themselves as Erinyes (Furies) arisen from the blood of Ouranos to punish the guilty.

They accuse one of the guests of a murder left unpunished. They drag him/her back through the tunnel screaming as the portal closes behind them. (The murderer is a planted actor who secretly joined the guests as they entered this room).

Kronos is thanked by Gaia’s disembodied voice and granted rule of the gods, but warned that one of his offspring will depose him. The set goes dark to remove a dead end wall.

Act 3: The Feast

When the lights come up, the room has transformed to a temple of Kronos on Crete. Kronos himself is spot-lit at Demeter, his first child’s birth. He noisily eats her alive amongst fountains of blood, declaring that none shall usurp him.

Each time the spotlights flicker off and back up, he’s larger, more hideous, and in a different spot. Each time, he names and then eats the baby amongst screams (Hestia, Hera, Hades and Poseidon follow). Each time the chorus of screams grow louder, as the eaten babies still wail, tortured alive within him.

The sixth baby is named Zeus. Kronos’ cavernous mouth eats it whole, not realizing it is a disguised imposter.

Zeus returns, fully grown amongst lightning FX on mist projection. He forces Kronos to drink a potion that makes him vomit up all the eaten gods and goddesses and ushering in a new era. Guests exit, disturbed.

Mood Board

Here are some found pieces of art that help inform the dark tone throughout the experience.

The creatures should look frightening and somewhat deeply disturbing.

This darkness should make the electric energy of Zeus at the end all the more spectacular.