The ride included a hybrid fruit called the “lorange” – a mixture of oranges and lemons, as well as a scene in which you could smell the oranges via a smellitzer, much like Soarin’ Over California used to do.

Two key orange liqueurs combine to provide a fragrant orange flavor and bouquet.  The first heads to Louisiana to capture their local specialty which infuses rum with bitter orange and spices.  My favorite, Creole Shrubb (from Rhum Clement) is ideal, though other brands such as Bayou’s Satsuma Orange Rum work as well.

The second uses a blood orange liqueur from Solerno, Italy is made in small batches in a copper still. This liqueur is made from citrus distillates in which blood oranges and their zest are macerated.

These complement the sweet, warm tones of demerera rum.  This type of rum uses demerera sugar to have a rich caramel flavor.  My favorite isEl Dorado’s 8 year rum.

Lastly, freshly squeezed orange and lemon are used to round out the citrus flavor.  Feel free to dial this up or down to match your palette.