Themed Audio

Looking for Theme park audio, resort area loops and tiki music? This is the place to find some!  I’d love to eventually link a single audio loop with each gallery so you can have something appropriate to listen to themed after the photos you’re looking at.  However, in the mean time, there are many great ways for you to get access to quality theme park audio. I recommend playing some in a new browser window while browsing the Dizwire photos as a way to round out your experience and complete the moment.

The simplest way is to take in some themed audio is through one of the many online radio stations and archives.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Spectro Radio

Spectro Radio has a great rotation of park audio including attraction loops, area loops, holiday parades, and even an airing of Illuminations each night that coincides with the one in the park.  There’s also some excellent themed shows which filter the selections down by various themes.

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Mouseworld Radio

Managed by WDW Today cohost, Mike Newell, Mouse World Radio has one of the broadest collections of park audio I’ve heard online.  It isn’t structured into themed shows per se, but it does have multiple streams to choose from.  There’s also a mobile app for when you want to listen on the go.

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Subsonic’s Disney Theme Park Audio & Music

To be honest, I haven’t really checked this one out too much, but it appears to have a variety of ways to access the park loops as well as multiple streams grouped by theme.  I love how there’s two different tiki-themed streams: Dole Whip and Tangaroa Terrace.

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 DisneyChris’s Website

If you’re more interested in the Disneyland side of things, DisneyChris has a great tour of the park along with historical notes and photos.




Exotic Tiki Island Podcast

Half podcast, half tiki radio, half sound collage, Exotic Tiki Island is a 150% collection of highly polished gems from the exotica and tiki movements of the 40’s-60’s.  There’s also some pirate themed music and other island getaways to take in.  Chock full of Les Baxter, Martin Denny, and more.




E82 The Epcot Legacy

E82 is Dedicated to the Preservation, Celebration and Restoration of EPCOT’s Original Philosophy: That with Imagination, Commitment, and Dedication We Can Create a New Tomorrow!” Joshua Harris is working hard to capture the essence of the original EPCOT center through painstaking remasters of vintage EPCOT audio, digital art, historic archives and more.

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Other tips

If you’re looking for something specific, another good thing to try is searching YouTube.  Many bloggers and archivers are sharing audio through Youtube.  MrThemeParkAudios is probably the most prolific and a good place to start your search.  While I can’t comment on the legality of this approach, you should note that there are sites which will let you paste in a YouTube URL to obtain a mobile-compatible MP3 audio file version, for example and ListenToYouTube.  Do this at your own risk, but it’s very little effort and I’ve seen it work.