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Below are some of the sites and podcasts that inspired me to contribute to the community in some small way.  Big thanks to all of them for helping me rediscover a passion for the long history of themed entertainment.

Disney Park History

I absolutely love stories of legends like Mary Blair, Rolly Crump, Marc Davis and others.  But there’s podcasts who are already sharing this stuff and doing it well – you should check them out!


Touringplans.com and Len Testa deserve a separate mention. Their “personalized touring plan” tool has helped me make the most of every trip while avoiding lines.  They are the #1 source for trip information in the Unofficial Guide, as well as accurate crowd calendars and even comprehensive resort room views.  This is what happens when math is used solely for the purpose of maximizing fun — a beautiful thing.

Park Audio Archives

I hope to get audio into the site so that you can round out an experience with some music to set the mood.  However, I don’t have the time (yet) to set up a full on radio station or exhaustive collection, nor do I need to when there’s already amazing sources of themepark audio.


Park News and Info

This is not an exhaustive informational site. Plenty of sites do a great job of keeping the Disney Parks community up to date on everything from the latest attraction status to getting the most out of dining to touring plans that beat the crowds.


Park Podcasts

If you’re more into Podcasts…

I may offer ironic perspectives here and there, but I’ll leave hilarity, hyperbole and snark to the unofficial grand masters.


The Marks Bros

Finally a big shout out to Jesse & Jonah Marks. They’re awesome dudes for whom I helped build the site The Touch of Sound.  Their site is a travel archive of  highly polished sights and sounds from all around the world.  They’ve opened my eyes to the ways you can briefly transport someone to another place using something as simple as a sound clip and a photo.