DizWire.com – Humble beginnings

Dizwire on August 14, 2014. Tags:

This post is as much about starting somewhere as it is about laying out notes for myself so that the site expands and improves.


In setting out to build this site, I knew there’s a lot of things I could do, but I had to focus if I’m to ever get anything sustainable off the ground. So, I set out some ground rules for myself just to keep myself sane and not overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

  1. I’m going to focus on sharing details of  experience.  Show people the nuances which make these places a special departure from the “real world” outside of theme parks.
  2. Give people a place online in which to have a “Park Moment”.  It may be as little as a 1-minute gallery view, but try to provide a “hit of WDW” for park junkies and resort addicts alike.
  3. Focus on using simple UI that lets people immerse themselves in sights and sounds without clutter.  Big thanks to developers of the Wildhorn WP theme for saving me a ton of time and energy so that I can focus on content.
  4. Try, fail, improve.  Plenty of people have better skills, better glass, more experience, etc., but I won’t let that hold me back from sharing.  NOTE: If you’re a pro/prosumer Disney photographer, introduce yourself, as I’d love to check out your work/flickr/instagram/whatehaveyou.

I’ve also decided to share and update my roadmap for posting things through a Coming Soon page.  Check this for updates on what I’ll be focusing on next.