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This site began with the realization that in just 3 trips to Disney World, i’ve already taken over 3000 photos.  Since I have yet to do anything with these pictures, it occurred to me to create a public gallery.  I wasn’t happy with the experience of sharing on FB or Twitter, so I decided to build out my own using a WordPress theme and an obsession with organizing images.  My goal is to give fans of theme parks a central gallery-based immersive experience, so you’ll find that most of the photos are presented in full screen galleries.  I can’t promise all my photos are awesome, but I will be continuing to add and refine the content so hopefully it continues to grow in breadth and quality over time.

People like theme parks for many different reasons.  The rides, the food, the smells, the entertainment.  After returning to theme parks like Disney World as an adult, that I appreciated the themed environments on a whole new level for a variety of reasons.  More than anything, I love the meticulous artistry and creativity that blends with interesting technology to create immersive experiences.  That these experiences are built around the singular goal of spreading joy and novelty to the masses just ices the cake.  There’s so much attention to detail which has come to fruition over such a long and fascinating history.

I hope to use this site as a playground for sharing photos and hopefully other media like videos and audio.  I’ve begun with architectural and thematic photos from Magic Kingdom, but will be adding more from other parks as time allows.


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Theme parks are awesome.  I want to share my best photos of them for people to enjoy.


Tips for using this site

The user interface on this site is probably a bit different from some sites you’ve been on due to the full screen images.  here’s a few tips to help you see the photos in the best way possible:

Desktop users:

Try to squash your browser narrower until the photo is a square.  Very wide (rectangular) browsers will end up cropping the photo vertically a bit.

Phone/Tablet users:

The site uses responsive design techniques to give you a simpler, different experience automatically.  Extraneous buttons are removed, so note that you can swipe to navigate through the gallery slideshows when viewing Theme Park Photos or Resort Photos